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That's a big day for sure. Cool to see how it's changed in a few months.

Beautiful day and pictures.

It was excellent day, I hit sheep lk couloir, peak above sourdough pass and joes badass shoulder each run stellar, things seem to be firming up well.

Hi there! Thanks for the post. We tossed around the idea of trying for this on 6/7. Wondering what your thoughts are if the skiing would still be good.

We got to the lot Saturday AM, so probably not our crew.. that’s so sweet you got the Thayer in pow!! I probably saw your tracks, looked pretty dang dreamy. I can’t wait to ski that line soon! First spring here trying to get out as much as possible!

Nice! Saw some nice tracks on Hayden through the binoculars from my house that Sun, probably yours. :) When did you go in?  Were you at the TH lot Fri eve?  If so I might have seen your party... I was just coming out and catching up with some splitboard friends who were also in the lot camping and heading out early Sat, and saw a couple other folks in the lot.  (I was coming out from a N Sister mission that day, Thayer headwall in pow, unreal...)

Thanks for posting - was wondering what things looked like in the Chinook area. Can't wait for the road to open 😃

Strong work guys!  Anthony and I had been eyeing that line last few times we toured down there.  Man, that slot on Dragontail sure was fun last year!

Nice Mike and Jaime! That's a really fun ski. I can't think of a more satisfying run (in our neck of the woods) within 10 min of a trailhead. No slogging required! 

Sweet link up! Hopefully that heli gets to stay parked at home base for a bit.

Cool TR and video. What an amazing area, enjoyed the BOC track as well 

Ah, you found the "wall chute" that's a fun line that definitely saw some action this season😉. In the spring of '18 we happened upon the twisted remenents of the sleds as they melted out at the bottom of that low gully. It was sad and amazing to see what the funneled power of that avalanche could do to snowmachines.

Nice adventure. Thanks for the update...Hard to breakable to mashed...Sometimes you just can’t win. I’m sure looking back it’ll be more fun! Nice pictures.

You get the epics, Mike and Jamie! Looks like an amazing trip - thanks for the TR to get our stoke going!

Looks like a great day on the mountain - thanks for posting, and congrats on the 10th "anniversary"!

what a great trip! Thanks for the report!

@seanyboy There was a trickle of a stream over the road, but any SUV or Crossover would clear it with no issue. We were in a Toyota Highlander. All the brush had been cleared from the road by a really great guy who lives close by. This guy is a damn fine american and allowed us and a couple other cars to make it all the way to the trailhead. 

Looks you got the Cool Headwall in primo conditions. Last I saw, Sauk River road was reported to be washed out 0.5 miles in. What was is it like for yall?

Great TR and photos.😀


Wow quite an adventure!  It can get a bit complicated up there.

Looks like a fun day, Gilbert. I hope this helps for image inclusion in TR. Cheers!

Can’t seem to figure out how to post two pics in the same TR. 

Thanks for the pictures and report!

I'd have to look at the map to figure out the elevation etc but it's maybe 3 or 4 more miles and a gentle uphill. Snow-free on the road. Prime condition.

Congrats on the first TR! New site is really proving its worth

Meira and I went up for a sunset tour and it was great. I think we started skinning at 6:30 pm. Summit by 7:50. We had brought some margaritas and had the place to ourselves. Skied back down what I'm thinking of as the "main run" fall line off the knob. Thanks to all the tracks, it was set up like an awesome slush bump run. Back at the road, we repositioned the car and grilled sausages in solitude as the sun set with a view of Twin Lakes couloir. Nice evening.

Hey pipedream, we briefly chatted at the road end just as you were gearing up about the parking ... silly stuff. Glad you had a good day out! Those sled tracks are pretty off the chain.

Ah so that was you early birds getting the worms, nice work! Those sledders came up and thrashed the upper bowl, highmarking the ridge most folks ski down (but fortunately right after I rode down it). So there'll be some trenches up there for a bit on that side 😠

I had a more leisurely start of ~10:50, but I still got a pretty good parking place (the ol' Wildman method of backing up right to the snow 😜). GPS says it was right around 3600' just downhill of where the Mt. Cathe...

Nice meeting you as well. Thanks for the beta. We have a couple other friends that were interested in a “bike to ski” adventure.  We had our eyes on interglacier. What is the bike ride like from summerland to the white river campground- elevation, road conditions?

Good to chat with you guys at the cars afterwards. Thanks for the photos. It looks spectacular.

Interglacier was also really good, nice and smooth powder on supportive snow for the meat of the run. You can start skinning shortly before the usual creek crossing spot at the switchback before Glacier Basin camp.

Nice trip report and photos. It reminds me of when we did the Three Sisters traverse on this holiday weekend a few years ago.😉

I see it in there now, Bryan. Thanks!

I’m not sure if I submitted the last photo In my post or not.  I replied to your thread, but I am not so sure it worked or was the correct way. 

These pix are amazing. A full-on multi-sport adventure, too - way to go, guys!

Care to submit a pic in the Next TAY cover page image forum topic?

Thanks for posting, guys. I've been wondering what the Crystal area is like these days. Afraid by next week much of the low-elev snow will melt (judging by how quickly things are melting in the Silver Peak environs which I visited two weekends in a row). Here's to hoping that Chinook will open up soon : )

Wow that is a nice picture Bryan (the last one).

About a 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot to the base of the Quicksilver lift. There are 2 Snowcats at the base of Quicksilver to keep snow at the start of climbing. Still good coverage    Also good coverage for the descent of Middle Frerk's.😉

Beauty! That is nice to see! Nice clean photos of Bluebird!

Cool. Thanks for the report.

That looked like a pretty good run. I think I see that driving on westbound I-90 around the lake. Always wondered about it... you ski cut all those Avy’s and kick off all those cornices? Looked like quite an assortment of potential problems. Speaking of that... I bet the end to the road was athletic.

These videos are great!  

Thanks for writing the TR Pavel, it was a great day, with interesting skiing... :-)

Beautiful!  Video is worth a billion words.