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Enjoyed your descent narrative. That's a surprisingly sweet run.

Lane, that is indeed Chair! It sure is a badass mountain.


r1de, yup we had a car at exit 47

Very proud trip. Top-downing is not easy. 

omg that is a long pull; it's long enough from the parking lot to the lake in the summer, let alone adding however many miles of road you had to add into the mix.  And having miserable skiing conditions I guess is the cherry on the cake.

Great project! You guys keep rocking it!

Great photos! Way to make something out of what you had that day! Obviously well prepared for everything encountered...

Great to see you getting after it. Nice to have the young,fast guys, check out places like that.  Ive never been to Colchuck in the winter, and have seldom heard good reports about the trudge. I would like to do it sometime, with a fat base and new snow. SP was good today!

The long slog up the road. I am but a simple peasant without a snowmobile.

Had considered the traverse given avalanche conditions, but we opted not to due to high probability of terrible ski conditions. Definitely made the right call. Both aasgard and Colchuck had massive slides that ran almost the entirety of the slopes.

Road and parking lot were completely snow/ice free. the road had a few big potholes, but nothing to slow down about. 

Where did you park, and what was your approach?

Outstanding description, photos and superb illustrations.  Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Tell me you left a car at exit 47 to do this loop. 😂

Great write up. So nothing to report on the road or parking lot?

A January descent is a real deal accomplishment, congrats! Nice photos too.

Sweet line! So many options on that south face 

That first photo is dreamy. Very cool route.

Nick and I were oogling at those coolies from Big Chiwaukum. Rad!

Damn is that Chair in the second pic? Looks so badass from that angle. Awesome traverse, very creative! 

Nice to see a great report like this on here.

Strong. I love the mid winter high pressure window. Nice photos too!

We skied it in April after some other friends had skied it in March maybe? I'm sure plenty of others have. The whole ridgeline is stacked with coulies as seen from the Chiwaukums.... pretty awesome zone!



@osean - Coverage was almost identical to the photo (pulled off wikipedia). FAT. No avalanche runnels either. Getting this in powder would be the run of a lifetime.

@will-govus - We were wondering if anyone had skied it before... Nice work!

Nice! Tom Whipple and I managed that one last spring in much less ideal conditions (rotten mank) and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. 

Good job getting creative with the low tide...

I have skied it in the spring and summer but your team in the winter is fun to read and the photos. 😃

Awww yeaaa! We were just chatting yesterday about when this line would go while being worthy of a descent. Well done on the timing- I thought similar slopes would be mostly debris'ed out. How'd you find the coverage in comparison to your photo?

Nice report! Well done.

Looks like a fun zone. 

Thanks @tooslim @todd-eastman

Nice work! Rainier in winter is no small task. It's good to see how conditions are up high. Firm and windblasted - no way upper slopes could soften without a much higher freezing level. Looks like navigating the Ingraham top-down was pretty cruxy.

I've climbed the ledges in Spring and it really isn't bad in those conditions. The ledges are flat enough to be easy walking, and there are sections that hold ice and keep the rocks in place. I think people climb that route year-round. It is...

On a scale of 1 to HELL NO, how bad of an idea do you think it would be to try the Slot this weekend?

Congratulations, your TAY streak is nearly as long as the mortgage on my house! 

Another pick from Monday 

Ahhhh! That was a fine serving of fun!

Awesome route and strong work. Great way to see the surrounding terrain and make the most out of the area. Great to see that the site helps people with touring ideas.

Thanks for the report! Went up there today and found excellent corn.

Awesome! Glad you got good riding conditions!

Nice to read something good about a ski day there. Looked like safe conditions. 

Dang, great views from the top, which is pretty typical for Granite, but the clouds in the I-90 valley in your pic and video - oh man, looking great! Been wanting to ski Granite, but it's always tough avi conditions - today prob the day to do it. How far of a hike to skinning?

Did you ski the Southwest Couloir itself?  Or just down below it?

As the old saying goes, I'm glad you skied it so we don't have to. 

@cpcoldsmoke my buddy was using Gaia and I think it was only 6400’ gain over ~8ish miles. 

Thanks for the timely report. I want to fet up there, but not yet!

Thanks everyone.  Wise decision- looks like I will be getting the mountain bike out too.  I remain optimistic that come mid February/March this La Niña will deliver  🤞

Oh - that is grim.  Thanks for the photos.  I put the mountain bike rack back on the car, temporarily.

Yeah I know, but how else to get a peek of the snowpack without getting thrashed? From my AT skate, my thoughts are that if it’s warm and sunny...and the wind does not pick up...A lucky guy or gal might get soft, skiable snow between 11 and 2 on South and South East sunny exposures. This forecast comes with a money back guarantee!🤪

Somebody had to go check. Good on you. Thanks for the timely report.