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Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip report!!

Congrats. Heart attack  in the mosh pit😳.Crazy, what band?

Cheers, Washington will get hit soon. Thanks. 

Yeah brothers Traslin!!! Made my whole day given our lap on Muir was BULLET proof yesterday! thanks for sharing amigos!


When I went up there was a buick slid off the road , no doubt due to some icy conditions. 

Looks like the girls keep raising the ski touring bar - well done, you three!

More filled in -- yes. Glacier ice is now covered. However, surface conditions are breakable crust. Friday's storm seems like it finished warm and rained or wet snowed up to the top of the lightning rod. Still pretty meager coverage below the permanent snow. Road was passable but icy. Chains would have been a good idea.

Starting to notice the glacial retreat here. Rocks where there didn't used to be any.

Fabulous Tim capturing the beauty of the day, conditions and of course the absolute stoke that the 3 of you had all to yourselves. riding strapless rules!!


Nice, way to get after it! Hope things are getting a bit more filled in from the latest system 

Early season in Canada is going off! Wish we could get up there -until then :) 

Dang that looks good. I didn't know that ski area existed.

Congrats on the year! Looks really good up there. 

So nice to see a well-traveled skin track. Big refresh tomorrow. 

Finally made time to watch this -- love it! Spray Park is amazing and seeing bears up there is always incredible. It had been awhile since I'd heard Tiger Army, thanks for that track selection 😍

I'm impressed by how well the snowskate worked up there. Cool.

I really enjoyed this beautiful video. That ptarmigan is getting ready for a BIG winter. 

Thanks for sharing! Seeing that Martin is a real treat!

Tim you hit this SO good! Fresh snow makes my mouth water. Oh man that looked so fantastic.
Congrats on 18 years. What a trip!

Excellent, it is possilble to use a mouth cam and smile.

I have to say, often the antics people perform to get late fall turns seem a bit contrived. This, on the other hand, was beautiful.

PS44, I only saw one big crevasse anywhere near where we skiied. We were on super super mellow terrain. There were a few in the blue ice/where the glacier steepens. Here's a pic that shows some... 

Cool trip and great effort. Way to think outside the box for this time of year.

Wow that looks awesome!  Never been there -- were there large crevasses on the glacier that could be dangerous when partially covered with the new snow?

Very cool. Looks like good timing. 

Wow! What a trip and what great photos! Especially the fade to gray of second photo. And good job being quick on the draw for the martin pic. Awesome!


Awesome! Congrats on your 11 months/1st year of TAY!

Nice pics! Keep it up!

New snow, 3,000 vert, 12 months! Sounds like a great day!

new snow!!!!!!!

Looks super busy out there 😉

Good on ya, Mack!  Stories like this are the lifeblood of TAY and is what made me start wanting to carry skis thru the summer.  Thanks for sharing!


you sir, are inspiring. Thanks for the report and congrats on THIRTEEN years! I think 37% is pretty darn good for this time of year. Good work!

Nice one, AL.  The thumbtack is what I have heard it called.  It's more substantial than  the "median strips" some of us have been threading.

Did you slide with the other skiers?

That was wider than my August strip below Pan Point, but more skritchy.   

Good thing you wore gloves; hate to scratch the knuckles!

Nice, looks awesome! Great photos!

Interesting, Lowell.

If only there were groups that maintained these old cabins. It seems like the only way to "build" a hut system is to keep the old ones around for people to use. Building anything new hasn't happened in a long time. Unless you count N Cascade Heli's building of landing pads.

Just a reminder of how I dislike the new TAY's habit of sorting posts by date of ski rather than most recent reply.


Congrats Mike & Clara! Here's to another 10 -cheers  

Nice pics! Looks like a fun ski.

More earning than turning!!!


I liked the steel scraping to get the cups in better form!

Looks like fun was had!!!

Thanks Lowell! Thanks Pavel! Pavel, I'll be pondering whether to ski in October. It's kind of exciting to entertain not doing it.

Thanks for the props. We did a short down climb through the rock section. Cheers. 

Awesome!  Yep next month might be tough but I feel like cutting that streak is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Perhaps a long driving trip to the Paradise parking lot is in order?