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The history of skiing goes back over 8000 years. Early humans used skis to travel across snow. Thousands of years ago in Russia, Scandinavia, even cave paintings in China are depicting people using skis to travel. The legendary Norse god Ullr and his goddess wife Skadi were known for their hunting on skis – using just one ski pole so the other hand could hold a weapon. However, it wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that skiing started to develop as a recreational sport. Ski clubs started to become p...

Kyle M

How some fishing gloves from Japan have revolutionized climbing and skiing in the PNWet.

Anyone who skis and climbs in the Pacific Northwest knows that wet hands are part of the deal. After a few good days out there, we return to the domestic world with pruny, blistered hands, ravaged by moisture and the demands of an alpine environment. Put simply, we are not about to win a hand modeling contest.

Before I got into mountain sports, I had exactly one pair of snow g...


Ha, that's some sweet skiing over there!

And it's still a bit of a slog before we reach the peak, so we'd love to ask for your help with bringing the new TAY site to the level it deserves.

So how you can help?

  1. Design a new TAY logo (I'm hoping we'll get a few of these for the community to select from)
  2. Write an awesome blog post
  3. Write how-to directions and FAQ's for our users to make their TR posting experience a breeze (we'll...


4/10/20 Update:

Go ahead and start posting all the cool TR's you've been holding out on from way before the stay-at-home stuff started.

Please note: While things are still settling in, I recommend drafting any longer content in a text editor (Word, Notepad, your email client, whatever, just not on this site), then paste with Ctrl+Shift+V (or cmd+Shift+V on Mac) into the TR Body field, just to make sure you don't lose your hard work in case it doesn't sa...