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Humpback North

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kyle M on 3/10/23 8:32pm

With the good amount of low elevation snow we have recently gotten, I went to check out the north slopes of Humpback. There are some beautiful glades and open shots back there, very protected from sun and wind. The culvert beneath the P2C was also "in" and I did "ski" it. Gotta come back to send it all the way to Tinkham road when there's more snow!




Humpback North


Enjoying settled pow on the north slopes.

Humpback Culvert


See you on the other side...

Cool exploratory tour. I've always wondered about those slopes as you drive by on I-90. Thanks for the post.

The 50 Classic Culverts of North America 

This route was still very good today, Sunday 3/26. North side had excellent snow quality, untouched since the Friday evening dump. The bottom is a little more melted out than in the above report, but that was really only an issue on that last 50ft down to the trail (if you happen to come out at that same culvert). Also did a couple runs in the upper NE bowl (very nice), and took a quick look on the west side (came back up because it was all roller balls). Can't get enough of the Humpback. It could certainly handle a lot more traffic, especially now with the new Annette Lake sno park. Just got to get past that first 1000ft of crap and deal with all the avalanche terrain.



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