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WAPass Goodness!

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Posted by mikerolfs on 11/10/21 8:35pm

Ben Smith lit the fire with this TR: ben's tr, so Jtack and I thought maybe we'd go see what Madison Avenue looked like, but when we showed up at the Blue Lake TH we found a crowd and so we turned around to park at the overlook. I don't think it matters what direction you go uphill right now, it is all great! We got no-crowd-pow from the car, and if there is any way to get back to the pass after the gates are closed, I recommend that you go asap because right now, until it warms up, there is mid-winter-like pow, deeper than your skis can dive, and it feels like paradise!

Just to show I'm not making this up....


NIce work team! I was amazed at how good the skiin was up at stevens yesterday! 

Thanks for the great trip Mike, quiet dream state skiing in knee deep powder in November. What a lucky treat. Sorry for no pictures, another example of faltering tec skills.

Very cool! When you say you parked at the lookout, is that the parking area near the hairpin turn? I have a big itch to get out to this area!

Thanks for the report!

I think mikerolfs said they parked at the overlook, not the “lookout”.  Google says this about it:  https://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/washington-pass-overlook   It appears to say that area is closed for the winter now.  Is google searching something only old people do anymore?

Silas I love it! That trail description is awesome. Syguy, the pin in Silas's link is in fact where we parked. We met a guy there with a snowmobile who had groomed a ski trail on the side road, and there were several people skiing the trail plus a few families with young children playing in the snow. That overlook is a popular place!

Amazing pictures. And I love how every shot includes your dog!

Thanks for replies, I suppose google could have been simpler haha!  Looks like an awesome trip!

Go Moxie Go

A dog who always lets one of you get first tracks!

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