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Proposed Baker BC Huts and Gold Creek Closure - Comments Needed!

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kyle M on 4/26/24 7:09pm

Some important news in our community:

We know this is really short notice, but we hope the community can take time to give feedback and make their voice heard!

Thank you so much!


Thanks for posting. Went to hit the comment button and...... nothing. I am supportive of equitably expanding access but this seems like expanding access to a select few on public lands. How is it these companies / groups come to be in line to place huts versus other groups?

Hi mgoodwin,
The long and the short of it is that these groups are in line to do it because they made the proposals all around the same time (roughly 2019 I think). That's it! If a nonprofit group were to try, I'd guess the FS would consider it like these proposals.

Please comment

Hey mgoowdin, we got the button fixed. Thanks for letting us know about that!

Thanks Kyle, I had no idea about the Gold Creek thing. Just shared it with the local paragliding community as well, as it represents a pretty significant threat to Rampart, one of the best flying sites in the country IMO. The most important things for the Forest Service to hear about this are 1) a route into/out of the valley needs to be kept open which goes around the construction zone; and 2) helicopter use needs to be eliminated or minimized and kept to specific time slots which are communicated to the public. It's hard to believe that any project requiring the use of helicopters would have "no significant impact"!

Thanks for posting

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