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Posted by rippy on 2/14/21 10:38am

Skinned about a mile from our yard via trails to a gravel quarry. The north side is evenly pitched, 300' long and was pretty clean of brush and obstacles 2 years ago but has been neglected since. Quite a few small bushes, tufts of grass, and a few erosion channels. 12" of semi-dense snow kept me floating so took 9 runs before skiing home. Snowed a couple inches overnight so one more attempt may be in order before warming hits.

Let's see if I can post a few.


trail in. Nice tour if for only the exercise


1/2 mile of this to start


Following a game trail


First view of the quarry


Looking down. Brush / grass tufts weren't that bad. Saturday morning the temps were rising, tree bombs falling, snow heavied up. Yesterdays fun was short lived.

Rippin' in Kitsap!

Yeah, skiing 2 out of 3 years isn't bad for Kitsap. An 8 hour trimming & general improvements session may keep it from becoming another lost ski area?

Nice! Reaping the benefits of pre snow planning, I’m forever looking around home and saying “ that would sure ski great if we would get enough snow on it”.

East coasters know a thing or two about trimming ski runs. Most of the BC ski terrain in Vermont has been carefully gladed over the years by crusty old telemarker types and now the new generation.

There are definitely some spots that could use some brush removal around here, like Yodelin and even the inbounds terrain at Alpental.

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