Big Chiwaukum NW Couloir

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Posted by Kyle M on 1/11/21 8:43pm

Nick and I had a rad day skiing the NW Couloir of Big Chiwaukum. We started skinning from the Cascade Meadows camp and skinned up the Whitepine Trail (very straightforward, no ski carries) before eventually climbing out of the valley towards the NW Face of Big Chiwaukum. We found 50cm of cohesive, well bonded compacted snow on top of a rain crust up high. The couloir itself had actually slid previously, and the bed surface made for supportive booting and good skiing. Topped out of the couloir 7.5 hrs into the day and skied down into the ocean of clouds. The setting was all time and the snow was good enough. Skinned back out the Whitepine valley and made it to the car right before dark for a 10.5 hr day.

In total, it was about 20 miles and nearly 7k vert. Most of those miles were skinning, as there was a lot of downhill skinning unfortunately. Totally worth it though!


Big Chiwaukum


We skied the right couloir.

Top of Couloir


Nick making some sexy jump turns up high.



Ambience was 10/10.

Bottom of Couloir


Bottom of the couloir.

Sweet! Looked at your site. That Nason ridge looks tasty, eh?

Love it! Looks awesome!

Thanks for the post, that looks like a great ski, and it looks like you really has great conditions. You pictures are sure nice, what do you use for a camera. I know, it’s all about the composition! Thanks!

@jtack I'm using a Sony a6000 with a 18-135mm lens. You're correct, composition is the key ;).

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