April 7, 2012, Hanging Glacier, Mt Shucksan

Posted by eduardo blanchard on 4/12/12 11:02am
Beautiful day on the sweet lady of Shucksan with Adam Roberts, Matt Kuharic and Noah. She's starting to get noticed (Shucksan, not Noah, he's cute too though)- busiest I've ever seen it up there. After much deliberating possible lines on the way up, we settled for a safe bet in terms of solitude and snow quality. Glacier skied great, took skiers left line into the couloir (rather than below seracs of death). Top choke icy but skiable, barely.

On the way home we did a lap of the White Salmon. Weather, snow conditions, and spirits were too good to ignore. We went a little further skiers left than standard line, bergschrund hopping and sluffing our ways into ecstasy.

Took video this time, here's the link and a couple screen shots from it.


Adam above saddle

Matt on the White Salmon

That's a  seriously lovely bit of video. Really looks like a blast. Well played.

That is a killer day in the saddle right there.  Nice work capturing it on video and creating the movie too!

Thank you for producing a video that isn't entirely POV...brilliant and nicely done!

Nice guys! looks like the cracks were a lot more filled in than mid-march. Was it the upper choke that was icy? Glad those lovely lines aren't so lonely anymore.

Very, very nice.  I hope to do that some day :)

Thanks for the inspiration.

That's the ticket!!!
- As others have posted the video is SWEET - Thanks for taking the time to make something special

Nice day up there huh?

So sick! Thanks for sharing/inspiring. I was hoping for some gopro footage through the crux part off the hanging glacier.

Great video of an amazing day!!

We were the first party down the NW couloir Saturday (thankfully.)  On the way up the White Salmon I was wondering if that upper ice step was skiable - it looked pretty shiny. I'm glad you guys were able to do it without downclimbing. Nice work taking advantage of the perfect conditions!

Looks like a great trip, Nice video too!

fantastic video.  Thanks for posting it.

Cool. :) Personally, I vastly prefer the 3rd person footage to GoPro footage, nice to see a video with so much 3rd person.

Thanks for posting Ed! Great trip. Wish the current one was going as well!

Fantastic allround

The video is supurb!  One of the best local videos I can recall.  Thanks a ton guys!

That is very inspiring!

Jealous... I can't watch the video!

Nice send Ed and crew!
cool video too, hard to capture steep skiing experience but you did

Thanks for the comments! i'm almost always too lazy to stop & take pics/film, but this was fun putting together

Hey Sam, yeah it was the top choke that was icy... Adam might have some spicy footage... think Glen Plake, Couloir Poubelle  1988 ;) We did have a look down the headwall, but the snow didn't look very inviting.

I prefer La Lavanche, where one can ski untracked powder up to three days after the storm... or coulouir le chapeau, 4,000 vertical of steep windpack...

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