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Adams Glacier, Mt. Adams, June 24, 2006

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Posted by David_Coleman on 6/26/06 11:23am
Given the recent talk on cascadeclimbers about the Adams Glacier being as steep as Liberty Ridge, I figured that it must then be worthy of a trip report, especially for skiing.  ???  Amar and I headed out to the North side last Wednesday.  We traversed over to the east side to hopefully finish some unfinished business but most of the routes are out for the year.  The second day we traversed over to the Pinnacle Glacier side.  Saturday the rest of our group joined us (3 Hummels, Sky, Sam, Phil, Paul, Greg & Vincent), scattered as it may have been in terms of arrival times, we all headed up the N. Ridge.  Sky and Paul didn't arrive at the parking lot until 8am (having got stuck on the Takhlakh Lk. side Friday night).  Impressively, as always, but to nobody's surprise, the Peacock caught up to everybody charging ahead with Josh to tag the summit.

The majority of the group decided to ski NFNWR, while Amar, Kurt and myself decided on the Adams Glacier.  Our extremely late start for the descent (5pm ish, as we waited for our entire group to join us) meant very soft conditions.  The top portion provided the best snow, with minimal sluff/crevasse crossing issues.  As we entered the steepest part of the route (below the cliffs of NFNWR) we watched for rockfall hazard.  The next thousand feet were sustained and the snowpack much more consolidated than the upper section, which has the same aspect of NFNWR (and feeling as I've been on both).  Amar lead the way taking ample photos as usual.  Just before the 1 crevasse crossing at the bottom needed to access the apron, a few rocks torpetoed off this serac from above toward us.  At this point, the snow turned to a heavy glop.  It caught us off guard to some extent.  At the bottom we watched the rest of our party descend NFNWR, a cool site.

Skiing amongst huge cliffs and seracs made the Adams Glacier 1 of the most scenic routes I've ever skied.  Now, Amar has one more line tagged & bagged for his future publication.
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At the bottom we watched the rest of our party descend NFNWR, a cool site.

Who skied the "bestest?"  8)

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Who skied the "bestest?"  8)

Vinny gets the style points for his solo 6pm descent.

I hope you guys remembered the Guiness at around 6600 or 6800 near the left side of Adams Creek? 

We saw it on our way in Saturday and our way out on Sunday. 

It was so tempting, but we didn't want the bad Mountain Karma. :)

That beer was my old man's.  It was funny. I met three groups on the way up the n ridge sunday. Two of them asked me about that beer  ;). 

What a great weekend!

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Who skied the "bestest?"  8)

you decide...

Funny film phil. Ha. Those goats were sure cool.

Mount Adams is my favorite mountain. I'm glad my knee allowed me one more trip this year. I may get one or two more before surgery. We'll see. At least the bad knee will help me with my terrible gorrilla downhill turn.  ;) I need all the practice I can get.

easily, this is some of Phil's best editing to date! :)

Nice film! You forced me to buy the sound track.

Hell Yeah! Nice footage! Nice Goats!

But who's the dude "rowing the boat?"  :D

That's a GREAT video. And the skiing didn't look so bad either! I drove around the north side saturday on the way to meeting my brother for the southwest chute and was awstruck. What a cool mountain! Looks like a fun time.

Here are a few photos:

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But who's the dude "rowing the boat?"  :D

I don't get it...rowing the boat?  Are you referring to Jason and Josh's chronic double pole plants?  Or maybe the parking lot hockey? ???

It must mean double pole plants.  It's pretty easy to visualize.  And hilarious.

Who's that cat styling so hard in Jason's last photo? ??? 
Sweet Lyman Glacier scenery and perfect corn spraying from a stylin' skier cold crushing it.  That just about makes me want to cry.

Great photos Jason!  I think I'll stop making fun of you for paying so much for a camera now.  8)

At least I have my bad knee to explain my bad skiing. I don't know what Josh's excuse is. Ha. Ha.

Rowing the boat. Man I'm gonna be using that a lot now.

And yep, that camera is wayy to fun.

Stellar Photos !!

Those 3 lights lowest in the night shot are of climbers on the adams glacier.



Absolute quality shots, those are sweet - nicely done.
You should think about iStock.com, start makign extra cash to pay for new gear!  :)

The 6pm solo descent was awesome, probably to my best run lifetime. Thanks for showing me the way and for grooming out the sluff.

You guys definitely brought home how out of shape I am... Thanks for the well deserved kick in the ass.

Cent treize, c'est pas mal! C'est excellent avec le ski!

I agree that Vincent gets the style points for skiing that line solo.  I made the traverse out of there too soon to watch you come down.  As for stamina, a couple more outings and you'll probably be good to go.  However, none of us will ever catch the Peacock!

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