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Slot Bail

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by CCmtn on 4/10/22 4:08pm

Skinned up to the Slot along with several other parties.  One party dropped in and promptly sidestepped out of the couloir upon encountering bulletproof ice.  Several other parties bailed after taking a look at the ice, not sure if anyone actually went down.  The phantom provided excellent skiing.

I was up there on Saturday and bailed... maybe we chatted with you all?
There were definitely a couple groups that skied it without issue, finding good pow below the icy choke. I just try to avoid sketchy sideslipping.

We found good powder in the crooked instead.

We were up there Friday April 1 and found it a mixed bag; whomever beat us to it had a great run, and the group that came after us bailed. We encountered some well-scrubbed sections bookended by areas with a modest amount of new snow.

It was full of incredible powder just below the firmer entrance. I didn't find it so bad even with relatively flimsy Wailer 112s and we made it down with a combo of hop turns and side stepping. Of course there would have been less snow on the surface for each successive party to follow. I almost always bring crampons to downclimb into something like this if necessary, given the propensity for wind to prevent snow accumulation at the top and the way everyone scrapes it out all the time.

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