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Posted by nlsiipola on 2/14/21 12:47am

Mauna Kea has been on the bucket list for several years, and we made it happen on Thursday! Travel in a pandemic involves a lot of hoops to jump through, but we jumped through them for the chance to ski some corn at 13,800’. La Niña winters are the best time to ski Hawaii and climate change is making snow on the Big Island harder to come by. We enjoyed some short laps under tropical sun in better than expected conditions! Corn o’clock happened around 1:30pm. Before then, it was pretty firm. Drive to the top, then skin or car-shuttle for your laps. Then go to the beach for a Mai Tai!


Cool trip!! Congrats!

my jealous factor has gone up!

Way to not let a global pandemic get in the way of your pleasure travel plans!

Nice!  I hiked it in 2016 and it's on my list too.  

Did you rent a 4WD vehicle?  Is there a way to check road conditions?

@seedy A Covid-negative test prior to flying, plus a second Covid-negative test immediately after deplaning. Did everything by the book to travel safely as required by the State of Hawaii. And got another Covid test upon returning. If you choose not to travel, that’s up to you. 

@telemack Hiked it in 2017! Definitely requires a 4wd vehicle, the rangers won’t let you beyond the visitors center without one. Road conditions are updated here:

@grant @stefan It was a really fun day! We were the only skiers on the mountain that day and people were cheering us on! A park ranger drove by and did a double-take before giving us a 🤙

Thanks for the report. 

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