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Ruth Mtn

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Darin Berdinka on 11/4/22 10:04am

Throughout history humans have been carefully attuned to the seasons.  Monitoring sun, moon and stars.  Anticipating solstices and equinoxes.  Not me, I’m sadly to busy with modern life.   Every time I see a full moon I’m basically shocked.   The last powder day of winter tends to pass me by and all my plans for spring turns tend to melt away into a sudden change to summer.

So I’m incredibly grateful when I manage to claw my way out of a multitude of responsibilities to enjoy a rare transitional day from fall to winter.  It doesn’t happen every year.  But as often as not the first wet, cold front of the year will be followed by a day of mild, clear weather.

 The trailhead covered in fall leaves, soon replaced by a skiff of snow, deepening near tree-line, then ascending into the high peaks where winter already has a firm grip.

I’m grateful for where we live, grateful for who I still am, grateful for the boss who tolerates my antics, grateful for the 3 bars of LTE that let me taunt my friends from the summit, grateful for all the joy snow brings and grateful for the inexorable change of seasons.




Ruth trail


Ruth trail


Shuksan Baker




More turns


Big kitty

Beautiful turns! Thanks for sharing

"grateful for the 3 bars of LTE that let me taunt my friends from the summit"

You're quite welcome.... you bastard.  Wish I could have been along to enjoy the blessings of the season!

Oh, that looks sweet!  Thanks for the tease.   Seize the moment and that weather window!!

Those beautiful, beautiful turns... 🥰

Snow Prints


Made by a...


... PNW wildcat

So well written! - and great turns!!

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