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Paradise snowfields

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by kamtron on 6/24/22 10:29am

Corn cycle PSA: SE aspects perfect between 6500-8500'at 9:30 am today. Freeze isn't great down low and punchy by 10:30. Nisqually chute great at noon yesterday. Start early to avoid mush and prevent deep tracks in the beautiful smooth canvas. 


This weekend's heat will be too much for real corn except for very briefly early and at very high elevations. There is good chance for a natural avalanche cycle over next few days. Much evidence of recent avys including one to size 3.5-4 on Cowlitz glacier.



Some updates

Panorama of the avalanche off Anvil rock


Taken 6/23


No friends at corn o'clock!

Update: It was actually pretty good today. Got real corn on the Turtle and the main slope of the Van Trump Glacier down to 8000ft, at 1pm. And below that, it wasn't so bad, slower but not sticky, aside from the most heavily cooked aspects/angles. There had been a decent refreeze overnight, even if the surfaces didn't get super hard right on top. There was also a seriously stiff breeze around 5000ft-8000ft (but calm above!), maybe that helped too.


Decent 6/25. As mentioned windy at least down low in AM, I think this preserved snow. Excellent Corn below Anvil. Already a couple of carries above Pan Face, which is itself getting thin.

Yesterday saw a poor refreeze but i also had good snow to 8k on an early lap then slightly punchy snow in Nisqually chute at 11 am

Glad people are getting it!

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