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Paradise Park

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by telemack on 10/24/21 9:36pm

Mr. Rusty Knees and I took a very short tour due to an ailing hip etc., but we got to walk in ski boots from the parking lot, up to near Golden Gate, then meadow-skipped back down crossing the trail a few times.  Wide skis left the grasses unharmed, and the slush on the paved trail plowed nicely.  

WTH it's only Rocktober!

Some guy came over in the parking lot and said they found knee-deep up by Pan Point.  

169 MoTAY

Mack, you rascal, slipped in and grabbed the low hanging fruit! I’m in the same boat I was in last month. I’m hoping this string of storms delivers some snow grass skiing closer to home, but Paradise is always on the menu. Looked at the webcam yesterday morning looked like white rain in the parking lot. Thanks for the report.

U kin du it

Webcams show enough snow at Paradise to skin from the stairs.  I am hoping for a shot at Chinook Pass this fall.  The way things are coming down there could be some early closures of passes?  Or early openings of lifts???

That was me on Pan Point!

Such a fun day!

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