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Posted by Will Govus on 1/28/22 6:54pm

A week ago I skied Oval peak in the Chelan-Sawtooth wilderness. Intrigued by a Scurlock photo (typical) and faced with the recent high pressure/semi-poor ski quality situation it seemed an obvious choice as I recently moved nearby. Oval looms large over the Twisp River Valley (highest point in said 'wilderness') and my usual method of getting acquainted with a new living environment is to wander up the obvious high points of interest.

Initially had wanted to descend the obvious n. facing scoop/coulie but surfaces were unpleasant and scoured at elevation. The Chelan-Sawtooths offer some interesting traverse opportunities (to a certain bakery) via Twisp and much solitude. 

Some photographs:


Nice exploratory tour, and purty photos of the new backyard. Would like to see more if you venture out again.

Have wondered about ski touring around those high eastern Cascade peaks--looks sweet, and yes, good terrain for traversing.

If you get a chance, please name the peaks in the third pic--they look familiar, but for some reason can't place them right now.


I think it's Buckner, Goode, and part of Logan, along the skyline. With some bits of the Eldorado Ice Cap peaks behind that.

I think Frank is right. Certainly not the perspective on Goode that I'm used to. 

Nice Will!  I did the same thing when I moved to the area.   We booted up the NE facing bowl on the east ridge then skied back down from there.  I wish we'd made it to the top but the ridge from where we turned around appeared to be a 50:50 mix of talus and snow so concern for our skis and ACLs resulted in a turn around.

thanks for the photo tour. Awesome.

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