Muir Smoothness!

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Fes on 11/4/20 2:15pm

Such an amazing and fun day at Muir. Way way better than when I went up there in mid-July.

Beautiful blue skies, wonderful cool breeze and smooth rideable snow from Muir to Pebble Creek and good friends to ride it down with as well.


Thanks for the TR.  Surface looks good up there.  I confess that after 3 months of trips to PanPebble I am eager to skin from a little closer, like from a parking area  😊 

Quite welcome, Mack. From the forecasts, it looks like a refill is coming. And I completely hear you. Had to walk in trail runners to Pebble Creek and I didn't have microspikes so it was a bit dicey going upto Panorama Point and I want to skin from the parking lot. 🤣🤣

I want to go again weekend after this one for some freshies as some snow is happening this weekend with a slight break and again starting right before next weekend. Even a few turns would be great. :)

Are those the new phantom boots?! How do you like them? I'm on some old moded tlt 5s and I'm contemplating the phantoms or the atomic backland w/ mod

@jacoblmandell Those are not the Phantom slippers at all. I saw the video that Phantom put up regarding the Slipper and I felt it was too much lateral movement for me. I want it a bit more stiffness.

Those are 2018/2019 Backlands with Phantom's Link Lever. I also have a 2019/2019 pair of the Backland Pros, the ones with the BOA on the lower. I got those because the older pair has the all orange liner which is HORRIBLE and keeps biting into my shin.

I haven't gotten the new shell heat molded yet so instead I swapped the liner from the new boots into the older shell and just toured and rode with those for this outing. I was on Spark's Dyno DH bindings before so I had to test this new setup. This new setup uses Phantom's M6 bindings with fixed solo cleats and it was just fantastic. Tight, responsive and light.

Hope this helps. :)

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