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Muir dreamy

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by jtack on 9/21/21 1:26pm

Mike was starting to get itchy about the September ski. We couldn’t really make a decision, we daydreamed about a freak storm dumping 30 inches of smoke on Mission Peak like a few years ago……….probably not. I spied a tiny little patch on the north side of Ingles peak, maybe a novelty ski somewhere. We started to hear whispers of a storm headed our way, even the wiley Wild who is nowhere near the snow knew about it. Mike consulted his weather guru, and it was looking like it might actually happen. The plan: preposition Sunday, it was pouring rain, would there be snow, no webcams showing snow. Plan A ski dreamy pow on the Muir glacier, plan B Tatoosh environs novelty ski, plan C go home skunked. We arrived at Paradise early enough to find a parking spot, loaded up, and just as we started up the trail we ran into another guy packing ski gear, “are you from Wenatchee?” he asked. Turned out to be a long time TAY er, so we walked together. Pleasant conversation helped the time pass and before it seemed possible we were putting on skins to march on 3-ish inches of fresh. We were a little time constrained so we climbed a thousand and transitioned. Absolutely wonderful turns, not much of a stretch to call it power, a little wind pressed and getting just a tiny bit hot, but dreamy nonetheless. September in the sack, 11 years for Mike, one month short of 11 years for me. 

Old dogs,same trick!


And it was smooth! What a treat in September. Really great to run into Kenji and get to walk uphill with him too. Here is Kenji skiing with Jamie below and Mt. Adams off in the distance. Bluebird fresh. Hard to beat!

And here is a white tailed ptarmigan. A bird I don't see often.

Looks great and yay for September turns. Beautiful pictures, as always (we were there on Sunday, getting the tail of the storm).

Who'd thought of running into two "Wenatchee-ans" with skis in September, but it was nice to finally meet longtime TAYers and to ski together!  We did one lap from 8k' down to Pebble Creek in the AM and skiing was very good.  I then skinned up to 9500' above which the new snow seemed much thinner among many icy islands.  The PM snow was wetter but still pretty good.

Happy Wenatchee-ans:

Mike on Muir

Jamie on Muir

Oh baby, this is a sight for sore eyes! Way to get after it, thanks for the pics.

Mike, that's quite the low-tide flotation you've got there--what are those?

@ps44 we saw the ghosts of your tracks!

@waveshello - I was optimistically hoping for 24" of unconsolidated snow, and these are my trail-breakers (of course by COOP Skis of Wenatchee). 130mm at the waist. 😀 I call them the "Legit130" because the top sheet art is by Gretchen Leggitt from Bellingham. I didn't take a good picture of the skis this trip, but here is a picture of the tips:


Mike's pow boards:

Well played you all. It begins.

Thanks for the stoke. Nice skis. 

Quite a sight for sore eyes from the "Dependables'

Ahhhh brings a smile to my face. Snow is back on the menu - respect to you guys for keeping the tradition and vibe alive.

Thanks for the stoke!

Will trade forecasts 4 coop skis!

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