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Posted by timgibson11 on 4/30/21 10:10pm

On Wednesday Greg Scruggs and I skied Ulrich’s Couloir on Mt Stuart. The road is snowed in 1 mile below Beverly Creek, which makes for a very long day. With a 2AM start we approached via Beverly/Turnpike, ascended the SE gully to the false summit, reached the true summit around 11, skied Ulrich’s, and exited via Long’s Pass which was more straightforward but also longer than our approach route. I would recommend the Beverly approach to anyone heading to Stuart at the moment.

On the approach we got to practice all our creek crossing techniques. We tiptoed across Bean Creek, leapt across Turnpike Creek, and found a snowbridge across Ingalls Creek. And on the way up the SE gully we got to practice taking uncomfortable catnaps on different shaped rocks poking out of the snow. The ascent was long but easy, morning clouds kept the snow firm, and conditions were prime for a perfect spring descent by the time we reached the summit. We dropped into Ulrich’s around noon and it skied great top to bottom. The south face of Stuart is actually a maze of discontinuous couloirs; we got cliffed out on the lower section of Ulrich’s and had to do a short downclimb on rock. This could be avoided by taking a right turn out of the couloir higher up but it would be tricky to explain how to do this and I’m not even sure I’d spot it the next time down. Anyway, the downclimb wasn’t bad.

Stuart ended up being my longest tour of the season in time, distance and vert. I was happy to get this one after being shut down on Ulrich’s last year due to illness. Stuart was also meaningful for Greg as it could be his last big summit before having a baby. I’ll probably bug him to do one more though.


A nice video of part of the route plus the photo of the "route".😀

I wish I had read this before we went in and out Long's for West Notch Couloir.

@kjohnson is that the one that tops out on the ridge just lookers left of the summit block? I was looking at that on our way out, seems like a cool line.

Hello, nice trip report, looks like a huge day/effort.  Curious about the snow level on the road?  Anyway to get up to the Lake Ingalls trailhead?

@james-little there is always a way. In this case the way involves lots of walking followed by lots of skinning. Or lots of waiting if you don't like walking and skinning.

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