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Monika Traverse (Kulshan to Shuksan)

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by LilB907 on 7/9/21 2:09pm

Two Sundays ago, during the heatwave, I did a ski linkup of Kulshan (Mt. Baker) and Shuksan. I went up the Squak Glacier to the Park Glacier to the Fisher Chimneys and down the Sulphide. There's a lot of ways to do this linkup, and this route I think is the easiest. The week prior I tried to go Kulshan North Ridge to Shuksan North Face but was shut down hard by the brush just outside the ski area.

Here's a trackline from the completion. The whole loop took 19.5 hours including 3 hours of biking back to my car. 16:16 from Kulshan trailhead to Shuksan trailhead. 

I put together some GoPro clips of talking to myself.

Color me impressed!

Aka the Monika Traverse. Perhaps a first repeat? Kudos on adding the bike deproach, dang.



Thanks for sharing that TR, Kam. That's real commitment. 3pm start with margarine in the backpack and no ride back from the trailhead. I haven't done any of the other traverses up there, but it felt pretty classic and uncontrived. 

Long day!  Nice job - liked the video - short and to the point - I'm tired just watching it. πŸ˜€

Thanks for the report. Making a loop out of it by bike is an elegant solution.

Damn; way to get after it!  ...so good

Nice job!  When Ryan and I did this traverse we thought it was a classic but it took ten years for someone to confirm it😎.  Very impressive time and bike solution to getting back to start.  Loved the video, especially where you poured out water from the shell.  We found the hardest part skiing by the ski area and not stopping.

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