Jan 18, 2020, Blewett Area

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Posted by avajane on 1/18/20 11:32am
Blewett area is "ON"...Hope it stays cold!
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” -Inigo Montoya
2020-01-25 15:37:13
Really? To me, in the context I'm using it, “on” means something like...”It's on fire!”  “It's fantastic” I thought that was understandable to most...What's it mean to you?
2020-01-27 10:20:40
It didn't stay cold. At least now down low. Tronsen Meadow area is mashed potato with a lot of water content. We only made it to 5130', on the lower ENE facing slopes of Diamond Head.
2020-01-27 20:34:24
Matt Kurjanowicz
I went up Kings Ridge and on the 18th and 19th it was still very good. It's all about the aspect when it starts to warm. If it doesn't see the sun or feel the wind, it holds out much better. The 20th it did turn heavy, so I'm hoping for a few more inches of light to cover it up. North and east facing is always best in that Valley. Maybe there was a slight inversion, or perhaps it just stayed colder further down the valley. It is a wild micro climate around there. Huge changes based on elevation and aspect.
2020-01-27 20:47:15
Blewett is still such a mystery to me.
2020-01-28 00:48:19
You have to go when a local tells you, and preferably with them...

Today a took a Splitter up, and he's hooked! Micro climates all over the place, aspect and elevation dependent...Light dry snow turns to crap from wind and sun. Good snow in sheltered areas can last a while. Blown in is your friend. I rarely ski at the pass itself. I don't have anything figured out yet except really easy stuff at the pass. I'll take you if you can show up when it's hot...


2020-01-28 08:03:00

Blewett is still such a mystery to me.
Check out the backcountry skiing guidebook on the Wenatchee Outdoors website. Lots to chew on there.
2020-01-29 01:43:05
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Blewett is still such a mystery to me.

Geez, amen to that! I'll check out the suggested Wenatchee Outdoors site. "Hope springs eternal...."
2020-01-29 20:32:54
Yes - that is a great resource. Some guys went up all sorts of things years ago, and there are maps and all sorts of excellent information. I didn't stumble on it until I'd been skiing up there for years and it really confirmed some things for me. Also, some of that stuff needs more snow than we get in an average year from what I've seen.

If anyone wants to go try one of those routes out maybe on the weekend or next week, I think with the new snow coming it might work. I'd be happy to team up, and might have another guy as well. I'm also still waiting for a clear day to top out on Kings Ridge. Will be a great view of the Teanaways, and the Wenatchee Mountains.
2020-01-30 07:11:32

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