Hot dog traverse (Stevens-Leavenworth)

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Posted by snoholic on 4/25/21 8:51am

The last few years I've been concentrating on exploring the backyard (Skykomish.) Most of these tours require arduous and sometimes creative approaches but can definitely payoff on the right day. This traverse was a bit beyond the back 40 but seems worth a write up since it may be of interest to some as a somewhat low commitment (lots of bailout options) but highly rewarding traverse with oodles of ski options. With packs full of Dan's delicious corn dogs we put skins on our skis in my buddy's basement at Stevens pass proper and started walking with the goal of skiing as close as possible to the next hot dog provider to re-up our supply. 

Our basic route went from Stevens A lot-Bulls Tooth-Snowgrass-Big Jim-Icicle ridge-Munchen Haus. This traverse could definitely handle a bit of traffic (we did not see anyone during our journey) as it's quite a large zone with boundless options. We generally had quality corn ski and travel conditions. Ski Cramps and Boot cramps were used. It took us four fairly full days of travel (I'm sure it could be done faster but that was not the point for us.) We were able to get water out of lakes and creeks (except for our last night near the old Fourth of July trail lookout on Icicle Ridge.) If anyone wants any details hit me up but it's fairly straightforward trip to navigate etc...


That sounds like a nice route. Are you aware of previous ski parties doing it?

Not that I know of but the Bavarians sure get after it in the surrounding mountains and rarely talk so it's hard to imagine that it has not been done.

Cool idea; glad to hear the corn cycle is happening east of the crest.

Yea, I don't care about route options, how many corn dogs were consumed?

Funny, I was about to post this. It was really a satisfying walk. Highlights for me included: departing directly from my house, pondering and wandering past descents from recent winters in the area, crawling through mind blowing jack straws from the mid feb cycle, picking up friends (and dog friends) on the Icicle Ridge, and of course the hot dog finish as well as great partners.

While the high peaks further afield often seem pressing, this tour solidified how great (and often empty) of a backyard the Stevens/hwy 2 corridor is.


Looks really fun you guys. Thanks for the pics, too. Is the 3rd as you're approaching Snowgrass from the W?

Glad to hear there was corn somewhere! I want to see the wieners.

That's Snowgrass from the East in the third pict. Maybe taken from the climb up towards Big Jim.


West side Snowgrass

Cool trip and nice photos, especially like the cloud shot!

Nice to see a good, long traverse. Way to dream it and then make it true.

So rad!  And a good reminder that there is solitude to be found still.

Was this inspired by the movie, by chance?

This traverse/tour/run/hike is humbly done in both directions and in all seasons most years. 

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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