Grass Lawn Park circumnavigation

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Posted by radka on 2/16/21 4:15pm

Hi, my name is Mossy and I am a 17-month old terrier. Skiing is my favorite sport, right after eating. I eat snow, too.

We've never posted on this new site so let's see if the pictures go through.This TR is more like a test...

This was our Valentine's Day tour near our neighborhood in Redmond, something we've never done before. We went all around our city park and took a 5-foot ski down to the tennis courts - that was our steepest descent of the day. The snow was about terrier belly level deep so I got lots of faceshots. We skied past a very impressive neighborhood snowman - or woman? It was a very fun day!


Hey Radka, good to see a TR from the weekend from the Eastside - most of what I saw on FB was from the Seattle area. When I saw your title, I was thinking "skiing where at Grass Lawn?" - haha, "5 feet down to the tennis courts" about sums it up.

On Saturday, I went to visit a friend of mine on skis for the first time in my 15 years in Bellevue, and it was fun just for the heck of it.

Looking forward to more TR's from you.

The pure novelty of skiing right from our house just a few feet above sea level was something we couldn't miss! Good to hear that "turns" were had in Bellevue.

So I guess there are numerous ways to add pictures now - I can add a picture in the body of the message or I can go to the tab "media". And then I can either upload a picture or embed a link. Let me see if I can add a picture via a link.

Thanks for the report, lemons into lemonade, perfect!

Your dog is super cute, Radka!

The benefit of using the Media tab is one can use it to write a photo story by utilizing the media + description fields - more on that here. Of course, it's just as easy to use the embed image icon directly in the HTML editor/window.

Regarding "Let me see if I can add a picture via a link." ... one needs to use the URL of the actual picture rather than the viewport from the photo platform (SmugMug, Google Photos, etc.). E.g.:

Thanks for posting - I look forward to more of your TR's : )

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