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Columbia Icefields, earned turns all year 180

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Posted by Atraslin on 10/10/21 5:35pm

Managed to get 13 months in a row in the boundary country of the Okanagan in BC. For September I went for a recon. North facing line was gone. 

Mike did some searching. Columbia Icefields, hadn’t been there in 20 plus years since skiing the Skyladder on Mt  Andromeda and the North face of Mt  Athabasca  

Unfortunately, probably had the gnarliest negative person to date. 

Does it count?!

That's not skiing?!

Live to ski another day  🤘🔨



Seems like a cool area. Weird to see those giant trucks out on the ice. No need to pay heed to the negativity!

Look out below!

Thanks for the videos. We could never understand the experience without them.

Hi Andy and Mike.  I just watched this vid a month later, after posting a TR.  So funny/ironic that you cramponed to the tourist road.  We walked part of that same area 20 years ago and I would have thrilled to see 2 skier dudes.  What we do!

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