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Posted by frankfrank on 2/13/21 7:31pm

This was a grand tour, visiting several steeper streets near Seward Park, and a good section of the Chief Sealth Trail -- 10mi and 2000vf total, counting all the repeat laps. Everything was nicely skiable, snow heavy enough to stick to the ground, but not to the ski bases. I'd say the best run on-piste was Holly St above Martha Washington Park. It's no Dravus, but you do get a solid 100vf of very consistent slope. And some side slopes near the Chief Sealth Trail offered deeper power-ish turns (helped by the deep grass also). And it felt good to do some true free-heel skiing -- this is the perfect situation for basic three-pin bindings and fishscale bases. No transitions -- just skiing, any direction you like.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I got a banh mi mid-route. Never done that on a ski tour before. Extra delicious.


Nice - I hit the Othello headwall just behind where this picture was taken as well as BEHI classics McClellan col and Dawson face.  I was thinking fish scales would have been the optimal tool for the day - there's rarely a slope worth ripping skins for.

That’s a great day of skiing.

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