TAY 36.5 (2020.85) - Corn 🌽 Harvest at Muir

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub on 10/30/20 12:03am

Perfect blue bird day to harvest the corn on Muir.

It's a carry below Pebble Creek... while there is snow on the ground it's not skiable.

Above Pebble Creek however, it was smooth as corn chowder.

No pictures... you're just gonna have to imagine it.

My 5th day of skiing Muir in October... So far I've experienced:

  • 10/3 - Giant cracks in the snowfield/glacier at 9600ft with lily pads of snirt
  • 10/15 - Fresh snow and skiing to the parking lot
  • 10/17 - Complete whiteout below pebble creek and blue bird skies above it
  • 10/22 - 3" of powder on top of a solid base above pebble creek
  • 10/29 - Corn Harvest and blue bird skies.

You never know unless you go.

Hell yeah! Mmm, corn...

Jelly. Muir's a little far for me now.

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Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub
2020-10-30 07:03:32