August 1, 2019, Bagley Lakes, Two-fer

WA Cascades NW (Mt Baker)
Posted by Atraslin on 8/12/19 5:50pm
The plan was to hit Rogers Pass for some turns in July then do some alpine mountain biking in Revelstoke. Simple, no.

We had driven through the pass 3 weeks earlier and spotted our patches.
With hot beach weather it was hard to get motivated. Two days to spare we arrived to full on road construction. The patches to right side of the road were full on bush wacks to river crossings. Mike spotted a patch on the left.

We parked off the highway. One minute later. Massive rock trucks drove by then the ETV/ Safety had none of it and mentioned Grizzlies.
We could see the patch, so close. Baker was calling, I knew it.

Checked into the ranger station. The young lady was super friendly and helpful and gave us beta for September. We B-lined it to the border. Hot weather,tough crossing border guard training. Eight hours to spare. After years of going further, you learn to go closer. I like to hit Artist Point because of the views of Shuksan and Baker. Mike convinced me of a lower line with a steeper pitch.

The last day arrived, I pulled my binoculars out. I see a dot going up and down. Telemon. We were stoked to join him for some laps. 122' vert. We all did 1000' plus vert and stoked.

Drove all this way. It's the last day of the month gotta hit the first day. Done. I don't recommend waiting till the last day of the month to ski. Too many things could shut you down.

But, we were stoked to pull off the two-fer, daily double, last to first.

I think July might be the hardest month to pull off. Way to many distractions. Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, Bouldering, Beach Telemon would have been rock climbing.

The views are second to none in the world. That's why we always come back. Plus, it's one more day in my life I got to ski. Earned Turns All Year 154. 155.

Negative Nancies dissing 100' patch. Skiers to boot. Just a Minor Threat. The End.

Time lapse of the amazing Baker area. Craig Kelly's home resort. One of the best snow boarders ever.
Mr. T. Way to get after it!! I'm with you, NEVER sorry I went skiing.  Thanks for taking the time to post.  Have to disagree though I vote September as the cruelest month.
2019-08-30 20:34:59
Thanks for sharing. And great running into Telemon.
2019-09-03 17:48:29
Enjoyable read, loved the style.  Touched a couple nerves...Craig Kelly' Burton Air was the board that changed the world and Telemon's ghost lives.

I also vote September as the cruelest month.  At least in July and August you can find soft snow - easily.  September at altitude, well...timing around weather windows is everything for an enjoyable ski.  And hard to come by. 
2019-09-04 09:43:10
Hi Andy and Mike, that was me on the 31st!  Great to have some Patch Partners 8)
Telemon (Bob Wiebe) was a Canadian TAYer who tragically perished on Mt. Hood....
2019-09-05 10:23:27
Nostalgia about the end
The "patchers" reminds me fondly about how my own streak was brought to a chosen end.
My TAY partner for that time of life and I decided we would call it a streak the next summer when at sunset on September 30, two weeks after I had arthroscopic meniscectomy and I think less than 3 weeks after he suffered a recurrent high ankle sprain, we found ourselves trying to carefully ski the frozen semi truck hubcap sun cups off the top of Table without getting hurt.  We decided right then that we would stop skiing when conditions called for it - next summer at 130 months.  Loved every moment of the streak and never regretted stopping when we did.  I raise my glass to all who happily soldier on!
2019-09-05 17:01:53
My bad Telemack.... That is what I meant. And respects to fallen brother. Bob Wiebe. I have friend from my youth...who had a good nickname....that it got to the point where I forgot his real name.....Thanks for the laps.
2019-09-05 19:48:31
Awesome Peteyboy.... I got a bad knee injury playing ice hockey during the ski journey.....Managed to keep skiing.... But things got pretty sketchy on Mt Sahale on one of my trips....had to keep the knee in a certain position the whole keep it in place....Thats why we get the big bucks?
2019-09-05 19:51:24
MW8888888 thanks for the correction. Sorry about that.
2019-09-05 20:01:58

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