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Alaska - Hatcher, Turnagain, Thompson

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Posted by Kyle M on 4/9/22 8:25pm

I had the pleasure to sped a week in Alaska's south central "low lying" mountains. While I was there, Turnagain was mostly wet and warm, so we escaped to Hatcher and eventually Thompson Pass. Thompson Pass was a dream and we were lucky to have great conditions to ski some classic lines and see the incredible ski terrain out there.

I wrote a story that includes links to trip reports for each tour and summarizes lessons learned from the trip. Hopefully this inspires some others to head north or at least virtually brings them along for the ride.


Here are a few photos for teasers:



Gazing off into the infinite terrain around Thompson Pass.



Skiing wonderful powder near the Snowbird Hut in the Talkeetnas.

Diamond Peak


Skiing off the lofty Diamond Peak near Thompson.



Evening from the harbor in Valdez.

Bomber Traverse


Starting our final descent on the Bomber Traverse.

Ak... but no mention of p3???

@osean what is p3?

Yeah @kyle-m, like wtf? First, no mention of P3 (whatever that is) and then no mention of the historic burning of the original Snowbird hut?? What are we paying you for? Please pull the TR, and rewrite.

@doug-hutchinson forgive me, the new generation is completely historically illiterate of the exploits occurring during the dark ages before IG and FB destroyed our online forums! Cascade climbers - who would write about a ski trip on a climbing forum?! I will have to contact my ghost writer and editor to fix the details of my blog. Who actually writes their own blog anymore?

Looks like you’ll have to make another trip up unfortunately…


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