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9 Days Skiing in the Sierra

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Posted by Kyle M on 5/9/22 9:00pm


I took a trip down to Cali and skied for 9 days with my buddy John. The snowpack is kinda bad there this year, so we stayed around Mammoth and further north, but found some great adventure.

Highlights include:

- 3 days on the Sawtooth Traverse, skiing fresh powder in many of the steep couloirs around the Incredible Hulk.

- skiing both Ritter and Banner in a mega 18 hour push

- observing the Tioga Pass opening weekend scene, which reminds me of WA Pass

- soaking in hot springs and enjoying the eastside lifestyle

Some pics:

Hulk Left


Skiing against the golden walls at sunset.



Skiing high above the desert.



Skiing off Ritter



Skiing Dana near Tioga Pass

Eastern Sierra


Desert Vibes

Nice post as usual, Kyle. Sorry to hear about the virus putting a damper on your mutant crusher ability. "Only" skiing 8/9 days and at most 13k per day must've been hard. I'm hoping I also bounce back from the sickness to full ski sickness by the time a true corn cycle arrives. I will need to head to the E Sierra some time before I'm too old and fat and climate change makes the desert more desert. 


@kamtron sorry to hear you're struggling with the recovery also, but given our current snowpack and weather, you have some time to recover before the corn cycle! The general declining trend of the Eastern Sierra snowpack has been very sad. Looking at the multi decade trend, they used to regularly get incredible amounts of snow, more reminiscent of the central Cascades! The last decade has been rough down there. I hope it is just some multi year variability and not a permanent fixture.

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