2.21.20 Mt Snoqualmie conditions.

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Jake the Brit on 2/21/20 11:36am
Pretty weird snow.
Creamy deep pow under the trees. Nasty chalky syrofoam high on the north side.

Frank & I went up Mt Snoqualmie via Commonwealth basin to ~summit around noon. The snow was sun crusty above treeline, but nice. We went to explore down the north side about 1500vf towards the Middle Fork, but horrible snow led to an abort & skin (with crampons) back up to the Mt Snoqualmie- Lundin ridge. Drank another cup of tea & skied back down from the ridge to Commonwealth Creek. I let off a wet slab, which was very dumb, but I'd neglected to notice that it was spring.

Trees were pissing water from melting snow in the late afternoon, the light was fantastic.
Thanks for the report, Jake

Meira and I took the Thunder Creek side to about 2800' towards the Middle Fork today. The snow improved a lot once in the near treeline band and stayed good until as low as we could go. But yeah, up high the wind really caused a ruckus: breakable crust, slabs, and debris from a natural cycle. Didn't stop a number of folks from putting tracks in the various couloirs.

We came out pretty late and skied schmoo, sheltered powder, and trap crust back to the car on the Phantom. Whoops.
2020-02-25 08:46:48
Thanks Jake. That Cave Ridge approach is awfully scenic. Amazing to be out with the sun and views after all those other days (though with better snow) earlier in the season.
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Views of Mt Garfield on Friday
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