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Alpha Launch Is Here


4/10/20 Update:

Go ahead and start posting all the cool TR's you've been holding out on from way before the stay-at-home stuff started.

Please note: While things are still settling in, I recommend drafting any longer content in a text editor (Word, Notepad, your email client, whatever, just not on this site), then paste with Ctrl+Shift+V (or cmd+Shift+V on Mac) into the TR Body field, just to make sure you don't lose your hard work in case it doesn't save correctly. Also, Ctrl+Shift+V will paste it without formatting, thus making it look all uniform across all TR's. 

Thanks much, and you know what to do if you hit any issues. Yup, you got it - report it in the forum here.


It is launch day!

It's like this: Let's imagine it's October, and the first snow is falling, blanketing the muddy landscape with a foot or two of the beautiful white fluffy stuff. We get all giddy, start waxing our boards, and before we know it, we're skinning up our secret stash that's simply "the best early-season spot." We suck the cold thin air into our lungs until they're ready to burst, and send broad grins and high-fives in all directions. So far so good. At the top we rip the skins in record speed so we can beat our buddies to the first set of fresh tracks. That's where it all turns ugly as we realize there are still too many sharks lurking below the surface.

Ha, way to be a party pooper!

Anyway, let's hope our analogy above is all wrong, but given we had to bring the new TAY site online under pressure when the old Trip Reports forum crashed for the umpteenth time, please help us in the following way.

Here's what we'd like you to do

  1. Grab your favorite drink
  2. Click and look around
  3. Reset your password here; the one on the old site was encrypted (as it should be : ) and there's no way for us to migrate it (that's a good thing)
  4. Then try to log in
  5. Report any major issues in the new forum here, e.g. "I get a blank page instead of expected page XYZ" or "I didn't get the reset password email" (but only after you checked your Spam/Junk folder)

And what we ask you to please NOT do:

  1. Post new TR's, TR replies or any other content, except for site feedback on the forum listed in #5 above
  2. Post minor site feedback (did we mention this is an *alpha* release?)

The TAY community is made of members like you and me - let's work together to get our online presence to a level that matches the amazing touring terrain we're blessed with in the PNW.




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