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Washington Pass

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by jtack on 10/29/21 9:38pm

Combined work and play, with a ski at Washington Pass,13 inches of hot powder was not enough. We were hoping to find a grassy slope to make a turn on, did not find it. Skinned over dangerous three feet off the ground rocks, followed by dangerous two feet off the ground jimjam. Managed to snake a turn or two through tight trees. Gung Ho park skiers had built a kicker and were hiking laps for hospital air. We watched but took a pass, seemed too early in the season for a concussion. Celebrated our low bar ski with a beer on the tailgate enjoying a fog shrouded Early Winter Spire. October is the cruelest month. 

October Sirens of WA Pass.  Many a skiwrecked skier and many more ski bases dashed on the rocks under the allure.  The cruelest month indeed.

We were so happy to play in the meadow two weeks ago, and now there are 2 feet of soft snow on top of the crust that developed on this warm day. Crazy. So happy to have winter knocking on our door!


Well, we aren't skiing here!

Jamie and Jack in the meadow


My Leggitt 130's did their job today. Broke trail in unconsolidated snow, and eased the sharpness of the rocks I hit. :)



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