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Timpanogos - the Rainier of the Rockies

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Posted by timgibson11 on 3/22/24 9:48am

Mt Timpanogos is the Rainier of the Rockies. It has 3 distinct summits, virtually unlimited ascent & descent options covering all aspects, and its scale is totally unlike anything else in the Wasatch - it feels massive. So it's no surprise that I've spent a lot of time on this mountain. During previous visits to Utah I skied the north and south sides of Timpanogos, and felt I had just scratched the surface. Spring 2024 arrived with perfect conditions for a double ascent of Timpanogos, using Aspen Grove as a base and skiing the East Ridge and West Face.

Creating these little projects has been a fun way to get the most out of another amazing winter in Utah. This might be the last one. Part 1 covers the East Ridge descent - definitely a highlight of my time in Utah. I waited over a year to get the right conditions for skiing this line. Thanks to Ben and Danny for joining me on the chosen day.

Part 2 covers the West Face descent. Sam and I didn't actually run into any West End Girls up there, but we did spend 2 hours on the summit enjoying the gorgeous weather and waiting for snow to soften. Our patience was rewarded with a great ski run that goes for 5000' straight down to the Utah Valley.


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