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TAY 69, 47, (-3): Home Lake snowpatch (Mt. Constance)

WA Olympics
Posted by Alisse on 8/21/23 1:38pm

I recruited ChatGPT to assist in writing this TR, enjoy!


Once upon a time, on the rugged and enchanting landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula, there were three adventurous friends named Aaron, Daniel, and Alisse. These three shared a deep love for outdoor exploration, and they decided to embark on a weekend journey that would test their skills, endurance, and friendship like never before.

The plan was set: Aaron and Alisse would take on a unique challenge – combining biking, skiing, and backpacking – with gravel bikes, while Daniel (pre-TAY) would join with his slick-tired road bike. Luckily, Daniel's wealth of gravel biking experience meant he wasn't even underbiked for the adventure ahead. With their skis and backpacks ready, they set off on an unforgettable journey that would become the silliest TAY (Team Adventure Yay!) mission they had ever undertaken together.

After a pleasant morning ferry ride and drive over to the east side of the peninsula, the trio gathered their gear. With excitement coursing through their veins, the three pedaled their way along the Dosewallips on the old washed-out road, enjoying bits of single-track and mostly great gravel riding. The sound of birdsong and the rustling of leaves accompanied them on their journey, as towering rhododendrons lined their path, their massive size adding an air of majesty to the landscape.

After a hearty warm-up that saw them ascend about 1,500 feet on bikes, they reached the transition point to move from biking to hiking. This transition point was adorned with the beauty of mossy big-leaf maples, their vibrant green leaves creating a lush and enchanting atmosphere. With skis securely strapped to Alisse and Aaron's backs, the three continued their ascent on foot, ascending about 5,500 feet more. The elevation gain was formidable, but the camaraderie and the stunning views that unfolded around them made every step worthwhile. The fresh mountain air filled their lungs, invigorating them with each breath.

As they moved upward and moved from forest to near treeline, shale-like talus underfoot, they decided to embark on an off-trail sidequest to conquer "Ski Bro Butte (Beaut)," a knob on the ridge near Constance Pass. The chossy terrain tested their skills as they navigated the rocky slopes with determination. Inspired by the stunning views, they made the summit, and their hoots and hollers of joy echoed as they descended via certain techniques of scree-skiing.

Upon reaching Constance Pass, a breathtaking vantage point rewarded their efforts with panoramic vistas featuring layers of craggy peaks, verdant valleys, and the untouched wilderness that stretched out before them.

Descending from the pass, their journey brought them to their destination for the evening: Home Lake. The shimmering waters greeted them as the day waned and the sky transformed into a canvas of oranges and purples. With the target snowpatch about a 15-minute walk from the lake,the three embraced the culmination of their journey's primary mission – August turns. The evening air was cool and invigorating as Aaron and Alisse glided down the snow, their skis leaving graceful arcs in their wake. Daniel, the "Photo G" armed with his camera, captured the joyous moments as the skiers carved their paths, their spirits as high as the surrounding peaks.

After a second lap of wonderful suncups, they returned to their campsite by the shores of Home Lake. The moonlight cast a silvery glow on the landscape as they realized they only had one boil of fuel with them and what it meant for morning coffee, their true concern being the lack of dust-free places to sit after using all the good rocks for Beta Light anchors. Wrapped in the quiet comfort of the wilderness, they drifted into sleep, carrying with them memories that would forever remind them of the silliest TAY mission they had ever undertaken together – a weekend of biking, hiking, and skiing in the heart of nature's grandeur.



Stage one


Getting up there


Evidence of rock turns?


Up on the plateau


Home Lake


Aaron and the Photo G


Alisse loves skiing in shorts


On the lovely descent

sweet pics! I noticed the rock ski tracks on the 3rd one and was happy to see you noticed it too :)


Chat gpt comment: I probably would have read the whole prose if I thought you wrote it, (and I probably would have enjoyed it) but somehow I wasn't interested in the creative writing of AI, and I stopped after the first line. I'll have to reflect on this. I'm interested in the story. Why couldn't I read the AI version of it? Interesting situation. I'm glad you announced the AI aide. Gave me something to think about.

Thanks for saying something, Mike! You sound like a thoughtful person. I had fun and lots of laughs messing around trying to get chatgpt to include all the details I fed it, but the end product is bad writing that's formulaic and way over the top. An interesting experiment! Now please tell us where you got your August turns...

That's dedication to the game for sure!

Beautiful country 

I must have been drinking when I posted because I didn't compliment the beautiful snowpatch you worked for and found. Alise my August turns were on a tiny patch below the Slate Peak lookout. It was both the best spring snow I skied this year, and the goofiest little side-hill boutique ski that ever counted for a month.

:) Your August snowpatch was the best spring snow you skied this year? You must be working (or something) too much! Hopefully the smoke wasn't too bad when you were up there... please report re: September turns soon!

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