TAY 35.2 (2020.79) - Larches, Turns, and a Bulger Summit

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub on 9/23/20 8:33am

Matthew had a crazy idea: let’s go find some skiing with larches around it. I asked The Duke of the North Cascades (Kyle McCrohan) if he had any ideas and of course he knew where the goods were to be got. I didn’t include in my trip plan that Matt would be pulling his camera out ever other second, so it was a long day - but totally worth it. Bagged the summit it Black Peak - Matthew’s first Bulger. Got a good number of turns in, and found tons of larches. It was a good day.

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Summary of my day

Most of my day was spent waiting on Matthew and his camera.

Lewis Lake with view of Black Peak

Too bad the views were so shitty.

Larches galore.

I gave Matthew a ton of shit.

This is his shit eating grin.

Which patch of snow to session?

The patch of snow on climbers right looks bigger, but the snow finger on the left is on the actual route to the summit. And when we got around the corner we realized it was much larger than it appeared. Glad we went to the left.

Me skiing down the snow finger.


Matthew's photo of me skiing down the snow finger toward Wing Lake. Totally worth the hike.

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