TAY 34.3 (2020.75) - Birthday Turns for Blake! (Thumbtack Basin)

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub on 8/12/20 6:17pm

Made it up to Thumbtack Basin this time for some birthday turns for Blake. I brought up a birthday “summit” treat for him like Westy did for me last year. Pay it forward to the SkiMo/TAY friends.

Thanks to KellyC for giving me the proper beta on how to get to Thumbtack Basin in the summer. Headline, there's actually a trail if you stick to the snow lake "loop" and then head northwest at 4265ft.


It's not SkiMo without some talus field travel!

Got to use our skins even!

The pass over to Cache Couloir

This looks a lot steeper without snow.

A legit amount of snow for turns!

Much more snow than the receding Source Lake Glacier!

Blake enjoying his "Summit" Birthday cake!

There was even a candle!

Oh yeah, and the famous gear cache!

Always wondered where this was... now I know.

Nice TR - stoked to see people getting it in Snoqualmie this late I’m the year! I’ve never heard of this famous gear cache - is there some fun lore here? 

@remococco - the story goes that some old TAYer cached his gear there and just hasn't gone back to get it. He was presumably a regular skier at the pass year round. I'm sure other folks know the story better than me. But one thing for sure is people find this cache each year about this time and post all over social media asking if it belongs to someone.

Wow, I got my September turns in on the Thumbtack patch last year, and it's so great how much more snow there is now! Or at least what it looks like from these photos. I won't be packing my skins, but looks like a good place to go in a couple weeks 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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