TAY 34.2 (2020.74) - Shredding the Source Lake Glacier

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub on 8/7/20 2:12pm

If you're the kind of TAYer that believes August turns should only count if they include a sufficiently high ratio of shenanigans to turns, then this is the beta you've been looking for! The Source Lake Glacier still goes! And for that matter, as far as I could tell, so does Pineapple Pass... but that's for another day of tomfoolery.

Hiked in from Snow Lake TH, tried and failed to get up high into the Chair Peak/Thumbtack basin, because I don't know the route and it was getting late. So I headed back down to the glorious Source Lake Glacier which still offers (slightly) more than 100ft of slidable snow to shred!

My recent skiing has been way to easy... it was refreshing to have some true shenanigans!

100ft of slidable snow on the Source Lake Glacier

Only 10 laps for you bozos that insist on 1000ft of vert!

Me topping out and getting lost

I tried to make it to Thumbtack Basin, but apparently I don't know the route in the summer!


Perfect conditions dropping in at 3pm

Pineapple Pass still goes!

Go get it!

Upper International Still Goes!

I'm telling you, that's snow at the top of Upper International on August 5th... Go get it!

I had this image from last year to show someone how to get to the Thumbtack during the summer.  Snow Lake Trail to Source Lake Trail then back up towards the Snow Lake Divide (you are on the old Snow Lake Trail) at the big scree field go up the right side (easier) then cross back left and work your way up to the Thumbtack (circled in image).  Last year at end of August was hard to see snow until just past the Thumbtack.



2020-08-09 00:22:06

Love the energy. Somebody needs to build a jib park in there. 

2020-08-09 04:36:01

Thanks @KellyC for the "map" - we made it today! Turns out there's an actual trail pretty much the whole way.

2020-08-12 23:29:53
Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub

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