TAY 32.5 (2020.64) - Klickitat - First Summit, First time Skiing SW Chutes

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Brad "ZappoMan" Hefta-Gaub on 6/19/20 7:00pm

So much fun! Colin and I hatched a scheme to take advantage of our funemployments and two great weather weekdays to ski Klickitat and Wy'East on back to back days. I had never summited either of them, but felt ready to test my skiing improvements over the last year. We ran into Ely and Kaytlyn, and their friends Alex and Matt at the trailhead in the morning, and realized we all had a similar plan of 7:30 departure, summit, ski SW chutes.

As we climbed to Pikers Peak there was a dude skiing down in a Speedo. Props buddy! Hope you applied enough sun screen!

We made good time up to Pikers Peak, although the Gerbin Goats were easily 40 minutes ahead of me to the summit, and Colin was falling behind. I sent word back to him with another skier saying I was going for the summit, and he could wait for me at the entrance to the chutes. This was enough of the kick in the pants he needed to charge up to the true summit.

After a lunch break at the top of the chutes, Ely, Kaytlyn, Colin and I dropped into the chutes at 1:40pm! It was absolutely epic. 3000ft of sustained 35 deg slopes! So much fun! We timed the corn perfectly. 

I had heard tells of the notorious bullshit exit traverse, but between Colin and Ely and some quality reading of the mountain and gps, we actually had a relative shenanigan free traverse out. We started fading skiers left around 7900ft, and starting the real traverse at 7000ft, and then realizing that if we transitioned back into uphill mode and skin up to ~7300ft, we'd be able to stay on snow all the way back to the summer trail. We only had one small rock carry in the process, and skied back to our shoes effortlessly.

All in all a great day in the mountains!

Klickitat Summit - Tahoma in the background


Climbing to Pikers Peak


The Chutes


Looking back on the traverse.


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