Swift Cr Mt Baker 11/26/20

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by eatskisleep on 11/26/20 11:11pm

Itching to get out on the first tour of the year, we went up to mt. Baker to chase the recent snow and stay far away from the crystal hordes.

Parking lot was busy in the AM, but didn't feel crowded once you got out there. We were hoping to head up to herman saddle, but low viz convinced us to stay closer and do laps in the swift creek basin. Snow quality was pretty good, rightside-up 6-8 inches, a touch heavier as you got lower.

Things skied well, and although there is great early season coverage, there needs to be a bit more to bury all the little trees...just meant a little extra wiggling on the way down. We kept working further down the 'ridge' to the SE, and harvested first turns every time. Seems like most people were gone by 12, or were somewhere up in the clouds...

Great day for November!

Sounds like a blast! Any snow on the roads/trouble getting to the parking lot?

Nope! Clear sailing yesterday. a little compact snow/ice on the road but very manageable. Biggest risk in parking lot are people and dogs roaming about. 

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