Sunny Snoqualmie

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by eatskisleep on 2/24/21 9:23pm

Took advantage the forecasted clear day to get in some views before the next storm ramps up. Skied several laps in the friendly peaks. Skinning up phantom trees was challenging at times due to the rain crust, but significantly more snow was found above 4500'

Upper bowls skied excellent! Some wind affect observed but nothing notable. We were treated to a great explosives show across the valley as Alpy pro patrol used a helicopter to conduct control work; didn't observe any large slides from this. However, Chair peak was riddled with large crowns, some connecting terrain features. Also saw a smaller avalanche in thunder basin. Heard second hand the top of the slot was very wind-loaded. By our last lap, the sun was taking its toll on the snow and rollerballs were easy to create. It was even worse down through the phantom trees, where the 4-6" on top of the crust slid easily in small wet slabs and large rollerballs. 



Chair Peak Slide


Thanks for posting. Your last photo is really a great perspective of the Snow Lake / Chair Peak environs. 

Nice pictures eatskisleep. Here is Chair and Kaleetan as seen from Denny probably a few hours prior to your photos based on the shadows.

Thanks to those that stayed well away from the permit boundary area Wednesday. However, a few groups got too close in upper Great Scott which prevented some intended shots from being placed.

jkordel, you're kidding! Incredibly frustrating. It couldn't have been more clear. And I even double-checked that we weren't going to get blown up on the north side of the creek.

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