Stevens Pass

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by mikerolfs on 11/20/20 7:45pm

Jtack and I skied two short laps in cold snow to Source Lake and then cut the switchbacks to the parking lot. By 11 the snow was warming to knee-wrenching temperature. I think if you want to ski Stevens right now you should start at sunup or earlier. There sure is lots of snow!



Stevens had the keep out sign up, and the parking crew was building berms to keep people out of the upper lot across the street from the ski area. I miss when ski area management still liked skiers.

You’re right Mike. I’ve been dealing with Vail Corp since they bought Whistler. They don't like backcountry users, they don't like locals, they don't like the best riders who are always pushing the limit. They like family vacation skiers, low risk, and they like profit. 


I'm bummed by Stevens/Vail lately as well. All we ask is that they provide "reasonable" access to the backcountry. Doesn't seem like they are being reasonable lately...interested to see how this weekend goes for backcountry users up there

From what I’ve seen (Ive skied at more than a half dozen Vail resorts) Vail will keep backcountry skiers out as much as they legally can. But truthfully, many other resorts do this as well. Whistler policies are even worse, as the Mountain actually owns the land. But then again, previous owners were not backcountry friendly either.  

Thanks Mike. One more pic.

 Bird Wisperer 


Hi all - For all TAYers (and other users of public lands)  concerned with Vail restricting access beyond what is reasonable, I have initiated discussions with USFS regarding these concerns.  For those of you interested in voicing your concerns, helping with the effort, etc, please PM me.  I will be creating an email distribution list to start with, and add additional social media as this progresses.

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