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WA Cascades NW (Mt Baker)
Posted by kamtron on 7/12/20 11:09am

Still good conditions on the Squak. Suncups end once above Crag View and on the glacier. The crux crevasse (~8800') seems like it will last probably a few more weeks. There's a full-on hiker trench coming up the Easton which makes for easy walking up the Roman Wall, although we veered more widely around one of the crevasses.

On the way up, we detoured to Sherman peak with ideas of checking out the Talum. If you've never been over there, it's worth it for the great view. It was too windy to venture down the Talum glacier, but we skied down the little chutes off the Sherman summit onto the Squak and traversed back to the crater.

There had been a hard freeze and the wind was punishing yesterday, so the Wall did not soften. But we were surprised to get soft snow--decent corn--down the Squak!

Squak squad


Morning view of Sherman pk: Squak & Talum glaciers


Reed on Sherman


Sherman Pk looks like a worthy destination on it's own!

Sherman Peak is a scenic summit.  Is that Reed P?  OMG HI2U buddy!


(Edit SHEMAN to Sherman that was unintentional)

Yes, sir. Check out those sick blades.


Thx for the report, had a blast on the Squak yesterday. Great skiing for any time of the year, let alone July! 


Fun looking trip! I want a Sauk Squad T-Shirt.  

Just saving my spot in this historic thread. 

Radical, thx for the update and sweet snow blades

Still good on Wed!

Cuppier yesterday than last week. Still fun. The crux crevasse is getting hollow. We found decent corn off the Roman wall with some punchy sections higher at 1 pm. Made the short climb up Sherman pk and skied slightly sticky corn down the Talum before making the big traverse back to the up. 



With the Hedonaut


Talum glacier


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