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WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by kamtron on 7/3/22 2:19pm

Road just melted out to the trailhead. Excellent smooth corn down to ~7500' Friday and Saturday, with a better refreeze for Saturday. A bit of pollen on the lower elevations, but not bad. Lots of skiers on the route yesterday but less so on Friday. Hordes of climbers on the Easton. Some deeper ski tracks to avoid after all the traffic, but overall excellent conditions for July. The glacier is so filled in, the crux crevasse at 8800' is still well-covered. Running water available just west of Crag View ~6500'.

Corn-o-clock for me was noon off the main summit (Friday) and 11 am off Sherman peak (Saturday)

Ptarmigans out and about


Corn on 7/1


Inspired by Kamtron's report my friend Harry, my son Teal, and I did this route July 5.   We were skeptical that a single push from sleeping in the parking lot was something mere mortals could do in a reasonable time.  We left at 6am and were back 11.5 hours later.  Harry stopped around 9000' and my son and I continued on to summit in good conditions.  Which resulted in Harry meeting Kamtron coming down from Sherman Peak about where we had left him behind.  Most of the day we were hot.  Popping over the Roman Wall, after a few hundred feet of booting, it was windy and cold so we did not stay long.  Skiing down was great if heavy down to 4800', where we joined Harry again, then difficult skiing through the woods to the end of snow around 4200'.  So 7500' in a day can really be done even after having made AARP age.

21 km, 12:09:10

Hi TimD, it was nice chatting with your friend Harry. Glad you enjoyed the day trip... I think in some ways it's easier to do a big push with light packs!

Certainly conditions were not nearly as good as last week, unfortunately. Recent rain & snow up high and lack of consolidation had some real mushy conditions. Luckily the highest elevations still had some decent supportive snow. It was fun to ski off of both Sherman and the Roman wall.

Andres skiing off of Sherman


Still pretty good down to about 7500 ft!

Lenticular cloudcap building


Jeremy under the cloud


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