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South Sister (OR)

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Posted by snoholic on 5/23/23 3:49pm

Cascade Lakes rd opened at 8am sharp for the season. Straightforward skinning car to summit (ski cramps nice.) Summited at 1230 but waited till 2 on the windless summit for cornoclock Nice buttery creamed corn on the way down. Flats not too sticky. If anybody is on the hunt for summit beers in OR or points south and wants to team up send me a PM.


Heading south Mid June: Diamond, Scott, Thielson, Bailey, and McLoughlin. Concerned the heat jacked an otherwise fat snow pack.  Any thoughts what things in the south might look like in a month?

blackdog I'm not sure but hoping to gather more Intel on the Southern OR peaks in the next week... 

Excellent.  Looking forward to a report. 

Wish I was going now.  With out generally warm spring weather, it is becoming apparent that my annual June ski trip needs to become and annual May ski trip.

Nice! Keep posting and put in some pics for those of us chilling up North

As of 5/24, you have to walk a couple miles on the Thielsen trail before reaching snow. South face is still skiable from a couple hundred feet below the Chicken Ledge and melting fast. NW bowls hold more snow, but also some rock beginning to show.

Mt Bailey has snow all the way down to the road, and is a better bet if you want to ski to the car (in the next couple weeks or so!). I did way more walking out than I would have liked on Thielsen.


Thanks for the report.  Not sounding promising for mid June on Thielson.  Hoping for better on the other four volcanoes.

Score!! Bony times in the North lands. Have fun down there!

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