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Posted by heinzsd on 3/16/21 3:43pm

Made a trek to silver from the Annette lake side -  wind kept the top 3rd firm, but it softened nicely the rest of the way.  This tour doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, but its a really nice spring descent for 2000+'. 

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Silver with Annette Lake


Skiing from Silver peak to Annette Lake

Thanks for posting - one year I'll have to get to Silver from the Annette Lake trail. Typically, I wait for the forest road to melt out, and drive in (as close to the PCT crossing as possible), or slog it from Silver Fir. I agree - this is some of the best 2K of vertical to ski near Seattle (especially on corn).

Will be doing this soon. 

BTW, what was the snow like on the Cascades to Palouse a.k.a. Iron Horse, and how where did continuous snow begin?

Continuous snow from the cars. But 2 of us used trail runners til we ventured off the well trodden Annette lake trail.  On skins you’ll have to cross several bare creeks and a few other obstacles.  Iron horse was solid snow. 

Nice! -- that western slope on Silver down to the lake it pretty perfect.  

I've been lazier than you in doing this tour -- I typically leave a car at exit 47 and then as a season's pass holder ride the Silver Fir lift and follow the XC trails to the top of the "Windy Acres" clearcut.    Twice I have skied down and across the lake and then followed the open slopes on the western side of Humpback Creek. down to the P2C and then shuffle up that a bit to follow the trail back to Exit 47.   Obviously this route requires a good low elevation snowpack and stable conditions as the open slopes on the west side of Humpback creek are open because they are avalanche run out zones. 

Such a good corn slope. Last spring it was in prime condition for a number of weeks in April

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