Silver Peak Bowl

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Other Aaron on 5/17/20 11:28am

First TR, and first tour with anyone from here.


Shout out to MTNPavlas, who kindly invited me along in response to my post here.

As well as a big thanks to Dave and David.


We were able to get within 2.5mi of the PCT crossing from the forest service road. With a little digging and throttle, my Civic was able to make it past the one bad patch of snow before the parking zone. When we arrived around 7:30 there were approximately 6 cars already parked and vacated. From the cars, we had about 1 mi of skinnable service road, but eventually the snow ran out for the next mile. There were a few short sections of snow, but its probably easier to walk to the PCT junction, where the snow starts again. Pavlas lead us up a meandering path up to the bowl. Overall, the snow was pretty good and easy to climb, despite the constant drizzle. The climb was largely uneventful, with some of our quarantine fitness levels starting to show towards the top. We probably hit the ridge around 10:30 ( I only went up to the saddle, gotta work on the climbing fitness).


Unfortunately, we only did one run, in the name of time and trying to get out of the rain, but the snow was excellent and not grabby, so we couldn't ask for much more. After the main descent we stopped for a snack, then continued our way down to the road. The trail was getting significantly busier on our way down, including some crazy teenagers booting up in regular alpine gear. after skiing down what we could, we put skis on our backs and hiked down the dry road until we hit the last stretch of snow to take us back to the cars. we got back down by 1230. Overall a great day, despite the hiking and annoying weather.

No Useable photos unfortunately. my phone's lens was too wet, everything just ended up blurry


Welcome to TAY, Other Aaron, and I'm glad you could join for the outing. It was a decent day in the woods, and I look forward to when the road melts out all the way to the PCT trail crossing.

View from the Silver Bowl towards Alpy

2020-05-18 03:52:19

Welcome to TAY, nice TR!

Surprisingly good day out there. It wasn't raining as hard as I expected and the snow was really nice rain corn except for the tree debris in the forest. Skied the Twin Lakes Couloir then skinned up the valley to the S ridge of Silver, skied the SE Face and traversed out the PCT to the road.

So good to be out in the mountains again! Skiing in the rain has never felt so good.

2020-05-18 17:42:14

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