Silver Kangaroo Traverse

WA Cascades NE
Posted by Kyle M on 6/1/20 7:35pm

Natalie and I did a fun linkup of Kangaroo Ridge, Snagtooth Ridge, and Silver Star. We started at the hairpin and climbed up to the lowest notch in Kangaroo Ridge directly above the highway. Then we descended mellow slopes into Willow Creek drainage before ascending back up to Snagtooth Ridge. We climbed up an awesome couloir just to the right (south) of Cedar Tooth. Some traversing brought us to the base of the south couloir of Silver Star. The crux was about 2/3 of the way up, where the snow was melted out briefly and we had to pull a small mixed/ice move, but it was fine without any real gear. Silver Star Glacier provided the best turns of the day, perfect afternoon corn. We descended out Silver Star Creek for a car shuttle.

This was a fun tour and a great way to get away from the crowds on the birthday tour. It was bout 10 miles and 6k ft gain, so not much more than just doing Silver Star itself. For steep skiers, starting with the north couloir of Big Kangaroo would make it even better!

Kangaroo Ridge


Climbing the "Kangaroo Pocket" couloir up to Kangaroo Ridge.

Willow Creek


Skiing off into the Willow Creek Drainage.

Snagtooth Ridge


Climbing the "Root Canal" on Snagtooth Ridge.

Silver Star


South couloir of Silver Star in the middle.

Snagtooth Ridge and Big Kang


North couloir of Big Kang haunted us all day...

Silver Star Couloir


Climbing up the south couloir of Silver Star.

Silver Star Ski


Great skiing down the Silver Star Glacier.

Thanks. Nice pictures. So many options up there.

2020-06-03 03:40:26

Way to get creative! Parked next to you guys at the hairpin that morning. Hope to see you in the mountains again soon

2020-06-03 18:07:00

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Kyle M
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