September 4, 2019, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by silaswild on 9/4/19 1:20pm
Kelly's report on Facebook of turns so close by attracted my attention, so today I made the solo trip to his TP (Thumbtack Patch). It's been 47 years since I summer walked to Chair Peak basin so I made the error of following Snow Lake trail instead of Source Lake cutoff, but still I made it to the Thumbtack and saw the surprising patch with 250' of fairly smooth annual (not glacial) snow. Four laps of clean butter gave me 1000' for September. 1.5hrs less driving (each way!) than Paradise. These are the worst conditions of my 22year streak.
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These are the worst conditions of my 22year streak.

Maybe this is good news. Worst of 22 years, still able to ski a patch here and there in September!

Thanks for the report, Silas.
2019-09-12 13:07:14
By the way...

22 years!? WOW!
2019-09-12 17:59:04
Interesting for sure. This is the area that sparked the great trash debate of 19' ha!

Did this late last October based on a TAY member recommendation. Yes, you are absolutely correct, so very very much less driving and slogging than all variations of Paradise, if all you are looking to do is check off the month.

We all remember that one year on Rainier that made us question our life choices. Think it'll hold through Oct? Gotta love the 3 sided shade protection up there. Don't get me wrong, if Chinook gets 6" I'm pulling the plug on this rodeo. T'is what rock skis are for.

Cheers fellars
2019-09-27 08:35:11
Lot 2
Bagley Lakes Postage Stamp...2 1/2 hour drive, 10 minutes walk. Solitude all the way around! Congrats on 22 years. 1 month ahead of me...
2019-09-28 22:50:12
Bagley Lakes postage stamp update from Labor Day:
If you live S of Bham, drive to Rainier for October unless it snows enough to go Hwy 20.  Tiny already.
2019-09-29 02:05:08
Dedication or lunacy.  Who is to decide?

After just two years of TAY I decided I could be taking a nice hike without the extra burden of skis and boots while chasing crappy snow in late summer early autumn.    I know.  Very non-creative.
2019-09-29 07:33:44
Nice going Silas  ;D
2019-09-29 11:56:11
Very impressive Silas, you might get some fresh in Zermatt from what we hear.  For all you non believers go ski a postage stamp! Best bragging ski for me (way way less than 22 years) was last year at Baker, don't let global warming beak your streak, or your spirit,  no matter the length. GO GET SOME! And then posts right here!!
2019-09-29 13:21:21
Just back - freshies in the Alps
2019-09-29 17:00:50
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Just back - freshies in the Alps
please post more!!!
2019-09-29 17:04:13
Thanks for posting this, Silas! Suzanna and I got in our own laps on it on the 15th in the rain. Short drive, short approach, waterfalls everywhere...pretty good!!
2019-09-30 07:00:40

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