September 30, 2019, Paradise, Muir area

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by telemack on 10/1/19 5:22am
Rusty Knees (Don) and I got an early-ish start on a cold cold September morning to rack up another month of TAY. The recent early snow brought out lots of skiers, as many as I've ever seen, and it was a Monday. Lots of ice and some snow beyond the paved trails. Snow spikes were useful for the varied surfaces.There was snow coverage below Pebble Creek but only skiable atop the permanent snow. Freshies in September ooo la la! We skied from about 8500' in fog and softening snow, with enough coverage that the underlying neve/ice was buried or manageable. Quite awesome for early season turns.
Thanks to my TAY partner for the company and stoke. His streak was 11 months longer than mine until he missed a month due to an injury, but he got right back at it.
Twelve Years of Turns-All-Year for this guy. What a fine madness! I am ready for a lift up the hill....
Saw you guys up there ripping it. Visibility was rough but still a great day with the fresh snow! Winter is coming early this year
2019-10-17 10:01:50
Rusty is a BEAST!!!
2019-10-17 18:33:22
kneel turner

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