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Ruth Mtn, Ruth Glacier

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by AntiqueLaser on 8/15/22 10:58am

Very pleasant day trip up Ruth Mountain from the Hannigan Pass Trail to ski the Ruth Glacier for TAY 83. Around 50+ cars at the road end, but didn't feel too crowded. Only saw about a dozen other folks past the Pass. Was able to ski off pretty close to the summit for about 1000' down the NE side of the glacier and then traversed scree and slabs to reconnect with Ruth Arm. Snow was soft and bumpy with a few easily avoidable crevasses opening up.

With the mellow approach trail this is felt like a not too contrived August ski.

Flowers are past peak and I saw 0 mammals except for dogs 

The Spillway Glacier on Icy Peak is really cool in how it builds up big seracs on a steep slabby slope and has big 'releases' periodically. Anyone know when it last did a big spill?



Pure alpine pleasure


Looking down at a fat Spillway Glacier (from summit of Icy) July 2018


A more sparse Spillway Glacier (Aug '22)

That glacier is unique! I'm surprised this July it didn't look better. Such a cool area. 

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