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WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by filbo on 5/8/22 9:06am

Second time touring White Pass with the new spring snowfalls after the area closed for the season.   The second time yesterday Saturday was much better snow than the previous week which was a bit heavier.   Both times hiked to the top of chair 5 for the long ski down to the highway through very nice wind protected trees up high.   The temps were about 30 degrees above 5,000 ft and 34 at the highway.   It snowed all day both times and the skiing was a little challenging with the weight of the snow, but still great fun and being solo, good for the spirit of winter with all of the trees laden heavy with their white coats.   Never made it up to the top of chair 6 as the long hike was plenty for me.   Yesterday was unusual as I was skiing down I came upon groups of skiers of different numbers hiking up the skin track and their numbers totaled near 20.   I was glad I was the early bird and had it all to myself.   Today looked like temperature wise would be the better day as it is still snowing off and on up there, but am taking a rest after yesterday.   It makes me remember what Spike Mahre said sometime before he passed away when a group of young climbers asked him in the lodge, "so Spike how long do you think you'll keep climbing?"   I still remember his words to this day, as clear as a bell.   "I guess as long as I can stand the pain."   He was the man, if you ever had the good fortune to meet him.

filbo, thanks for the report, particularly liked the quote from Spike, I hope to have that grit. As I slogged up the hill yesterday , white rain falling on my head, every step taking me up another foot of what would surly be sticky skiing slop, I had a few good turns, and a beer in the parking lot. Making it all totally worth the time. It’s a crazy addiction we have.


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